About Zarephat Shepherd Charity Foundation

About us

Zarephat Shepherd Foundation is a not-for-profit making non- Governmental organization established in 2006 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission on 11th September, 2008 for the purpose of providing support and access to quality and sustained care for women and children who are victims of uncontrollable circumstances in our society.

Zarephat Shepherd Foundation envisages a world where women and children are provided the opportunity to develop and attain their dreams of quality life and exercise their fundamental rights. This is achieved through empowerment of vulnerable women and children to make them become self- reliant and economically self-sufficient.

We are group of people registered in Nigeria under the corporate affairs law as a faith based non-governmental organization with primary goal of touching the lives of women and children who are victims of circumstances beyond their control.

We believe in sanctity of womanhood and a society where every woman and children can attain the best in life socially, economically, politically, educationally, and spiritually without limitations. We actualize these desires through properly laid out programs and objectives.

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